Strength in Softness


Each and every one of us holds a library full of stories. Each story will present a challenge, a climax and then it will end. Some story plots might sprout into a trilogy or series before the story is complete. And other narratives will unfold and close with a nice lesson learned.

We are the lead characters in these stories. And if we’re being completely honest with ourselves, sometimes we’re heroes and heroines, and sometimes we’re accidental villains with (what we thought were) good intentions. But we’re always different, and sometimes our strength is shown in different ways.

Too often, we forget that we have the power to choose what kind of character we’ll be. We can choose to hold out our hands and accept the light, or we can choose to stand trembling in the darkness. But life doesn’t always have to be a confrontation or a struggle.

Maybe our story hasn’t been about being a reckless tornado, or roaring loudly with courage against a mighty enemy. Maybe our story celebrates life as a wild strawberry cradling raindrops from a storm’s passing, or the soft intricacies of a baby’s breath.

Each shows us that delicate is not the same as weak, and that our stories have strength. Sometimes strength in the softest way is the most powerful strength we have.


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