Your Monthly Dosage of Chick-Lit: Stay

Sometimes life needs to get more complicated before it can get better.


Savannah Leone has been desperately in love with her best friend, Pete, since the day she laid eyes on his knotted boat shoes. Seven years later, she’s the maid of honor at his wedding. Savannah’s (or Van’s) life is falling apart at an alarming rate right in front of her eyes. So what does she do about it? She chugs half a bottle of vodka and drunkenly orders a Slavic puppy online after a haunting marathon of Rin Tin Tin.

This book is cheesy, clichéd and incredibly predictable. From the friend-zoned tomboy to the sexy-but-casual vet, it was easy to tell where the plot was headed.

I picked up this book one day after seeing the cover, which I applaud the publicist on their devious, yet strategically adorable marketing plan (a German Shepherd puppy in a box… could you really expect me to NOT pick it up?). Stressed out, overwhelmed, and spending much of my awake-hours at an animal shelter, I felt like this book applied to me tremendously.

Joe, Van’s astoundingly large puppy, ends her severe loneliness for a few pages until he gets sick and Van must take him to the vet. (Surprise, surprise) This is where the story-plot shifts and Van falls for Joe’s sexy-hot veterinarian, Alex, while still unsure of her feelings for Pete.

Though the introduction of Joe twists the plot into what at first seems to be an unorthodox love story, this book could have done very well without the dog’s underdeveloped character. Much of the literature was dialogue, which, though made the book a quickie, it also made the pages less memorable. There’s really not much separating this book from the Sarah Dessen love-plots I have stowed away somewhere in my millions of book-boxes (I should probably invest in a book shelf or two).

THAT BEING SAID, I love Sarah Dessen and this book had my heart from the moment I saw the cover. It is an easy read, and is not demanding in thought. I think that in the midst of more urgent books and monstrous mind-benders, chick-lit is quite the delight when I get my hands on a book.

The story ignites love, rekindles friendship and digs deep into the reality of moving forward. Van begins as a hollow character and ends filled with much more developed love for herself than, perhaps, the author meant to convey.

I like the idea of a puppy showing a person how to love their self above anyone else. Dogs really are the most selfless creatures – I suppose its no wonder I enjoyed this read.

In times of joy, we have all wished we possessed a tail to wag. –W.H. Auden

P.S. Here’s a picture of my sweetheart!

photo (7)



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